Why You Should Grow an Email List for Your Dog Training Business
By Josh Boutelle at digiwoof.com

Why Grow an Email List?

You might wonder why you should concentrate on email marketing when you have various other communication platforms at your disposal. The truth is, email marketing works wonders if executed correctly, and it provides some added benefits to your business. Growing your email list allows you to create continued touchpoints with potential clients, and it allows you to put safeguards on the audience you’ve worked so hard to grow.

In addition, you actually own your email list, unlike social media platforms where you are at the mercy of their changing algorithms. An email list serves as a safety net. If, for whatever reason, you lose access to your social media, you still have a way to reach your audience directly. Lastly, your email list can be filled with highly qualified potential clients.

Direct Value through Lead Magnets

If you’re pondering how to attract your ideal clients via email marketing, you should move away from the old way, which typically involves a vague call to action like “sign up for my newsletter”.

To attract a specific audience, provide direct value to your audience’s immediate situation with lead magnets. If you’re unsure about lead magnets, refer back to episode four of the podcast where we extensively discuss creating effective lead magnets.

By creating a specific lead magnet, you’re addressing the audience you’re trying to reach directly. For instance, if you create a lead magnet around puppy chewing, you know the people downloading it are dealing with puppy problems. Thus, you can create content around puppy problems, increasing the chance of having an engaged email list filled with your ideal clientele.

Actionable Tips

  1. Create a Simple Resource that Solves a Problem: Your lead magnets should solve a specific issue and change the reader’s perspective so they take the next step towards your services.
  2. Let Your Audience Know About It: Post actively on social media about your resources and make your existing clients aware of them. They might share them with their networks, further spreading awareness of your brand.
  3. Create a Schedule for Re-engagement: Remember the seven touchpoints statistic. Don’t stop at the lead magnet delivery email. Follow up with your audience, offering them other opportunities for engagement and continuously providing value while they’re on your email list.

We hope you found this information helpful. For any queries or if you have topic suggestions you’d like us to cover, feel free to get in touch on our website or through social media. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for the next article.

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