Looking for a way to easily advertise your dog business?

Meet Reach! with Digiwoof

Join a community of ethical dog pros saving time, helping more dogs, and growing their businesses with one robust and easy to use tool.

Create ads in just a few Clicks!

Manage all ad accounts in one place

Review performance and make informed advertising decisions

Platforms you can advertise on

with just a few clicks











Reach More Pet Parents

without the tech headache

Creating ads for your dog business has never been easier

Effectively market your business and get in front of people you can help

What you’ll be able to do:

  • Connect to all of your accounts (Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok)
  • Create ads in just a few Clicks!
  • Use our AI content tool to generate ads
  • View analytics for ad performance

Ready to get in front of more pet parents?

Have questions about Reach! with Digiwoof?

What if I haven't advertised before?

No problem. We have resources to help you create an ad account on advertising platforms, and connecting your new account is as easy as a few clicks.

What if I'm not "techie"?

We’ve made this platform for you! Trying to learn and navigate platforms like Facebook ads or Google ads can be daunting. We’ve simplified the process down to just a couple of clicks.

I don't have a large advertising budget, can I still benefit?

Our platform is a great way to get your feet wet with advertising. You can start to make serious headway with as little as $5/day to start

Why Google ads?

Pet parents are searching for services like yours on Google! Google ads allow you to target specific search terms like “dog trainer near me” within a certain service area, allowing you to gain the top spot on google search.

Why Facebook & Instagram ads?

Your ideal clients are on social media! Advertising on social media can be a great way to build authority for your business and make your community aware of your services.