Marketing for Dog Trainers & Pet Businesses

Connecting pet parents with businesses who can help them

Let us take care of your marketing online (so you can do more of what you love)

We’re focused on implementing reliable marketing strategies for your business to bring in clients and educate dog owners in your community.

Taking a “educate first, sell later” approach, we’re able to help R+ professionals increase awareness, build authority, and ultimately help more animals in their communities.

Our Digital Marketing Services

Google Ad Management

Google ads are a great way to get in front of motivated pet parents who are actively looking for services like yours. We’ll optimize your advertising from first click to easy inquiry onboarding & beyond.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Online advertising can be a powerful way to reach new customers and drive conversions. Our team will create Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns targeting your ideal audience, engaging new clients and growing your business.

Social Media Management

We can help you manage your social media accounts, from content creation to posting. We’ll create a social media strategy that aligns with your business goals and helps you nurture and build a strong online community.

Are you struggling with…

Low Traffic on Your Website?

Our Content Marketing Services can provide you with high-quality blog articles and other types of content that not only improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO), but also attract more visitors.

Don’t let a lack of traffic hold your business back. Contact us to learn more about our Content Marketing Services to start driving more traffic to your website.

A Lack-Luster Following On Your Social Media Accounts?

Our social media team can help you create engaging content that nurtures your audience and provides value to potential clients. By leveraging social media to connect with your audience, you can increase engagement, drive traffic, and even generate referrals.

Don’t let a lack of social media engagement slow you down. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you create compelling social media content and build a following that’s excited to engage with your business.

Finding New Clients?

Digital advertising can be a powerful tool for reaching new audiences and expanding your customer base. If you have systems in place and a budget to support it, our ad management service can help you create targeted campaigns that reach the right people and drive results.

Ensure your business doesn’t come to a standstill due to a shortage of new clients. Contact us to learn more about our ad management service and how we can help you reach new audiences and grow your business.

Ready to take the next step?

The Details

How marketing projects with Digiwoof work

1. Discovery Call

We’ll want to know all about your business and goals. After our call, we’ll provide you with a unique proposal to move forward with based on your current situation, resources, audience, and overall goals.

2. Getting to Work

After deciding on a specific service to move forward with, we can write, design, and develop any and all pieces of your marketing campaign, including managing advertising accounts.

3. Implementation

We’ll help you at every stage of implementation. With protocols in place, we’ll be checking in on ad accounts daily or making sure social media posts are driving engagement.

Why choose Digiwoof?

We Know the R+ Pet Care Industry

We’re part of the R+ community and understand the unique challenges you face. Our deep industry knowledge helps us craft messages that resonate.

We Find Your Unique Voice

Your brand is one-of-a-kind, and your content should be too. We take time to understand your business and create content that communicates it authentically.

Ethical Marketing

We’ll promote your business in an honest and transparent way, without misleading or deceiving potential clients. Our team will work with you to create marketing strategies that align with your values, all while promoting your business.

Ready to take the next step?

Is there anything I need to do if Digiwoof manages my social media?

At a minimum, you’ll need to approve social media posts and give us your business objectives on a monthly basis. 

If you’re wanting to post reels and videos, it will be helpful for you to provide us with raw videos for us to edit into polished posts.

I don't want to be on video. Is social media worth it?

Absolutely! We can create content for you using stock photos and video, and it’ll be even better if you can provide photos and videos on a monthly basis on client dogs in action.

Am I ready to advertise my business?

If you’ve taken the time to analyze (and optimize) your client intake processes from first inquiry through contracts and have processes to grow into, you might be ready to advertise!

We recommend having an advertising budget of at least $1000/mo in order to use Digiwoof’s ad management services.

What platforms do you advertise on?

We can help with advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Search.