If you’re a professional dog trainer, dog walker, or pet sitter, chances are you want your clients to respect your time, professional opinion & overall business.

While you may make up for it in person, being the shining professional that you are, your logo may be leaving a lasting impression that leaves clients, and more importantly, potential clients, feeling like you’re an amateur that threw your logo together last minute.


Let’s discuss a few reasons of how your logo can be affecting your business’ overall reputation & perception:

Your logo can be the first thing your clients remember about you

If your clients find you through google, instagram or any other platform that has your logo on it, the logo is probably the first thing they see. If your logo looks clean, crisp & professional, the first impression will be that of professionalism, timeliness & organization. On the other hand, if your logo is pixelated, fuzzy, or cartoonish, chances are the first impression will be that of childishness & disorganization.

Cartoon drawings can throw off the flow of your site

If you have a logo that has more than a few colors, it can be really hard to keep your professional website within brand colors. A vital part of having a website that looks professional is making sure fonts, images, colors & graphics all fall within brand guidelines. Throw in a cartoon dog & some kindergarten lettering & your professional website will go to amateur within a click.

People can spot an amateur from a mile away

In today’s world people are inundated with advertisements hundreds and hundreds of times a day, if not thousands. I could bring in a statistic comparing today to 20 years ago, but you get the picture.

With how much content is being thrown at modern day humans, we have had to adapt and learn to decide whether to keep scrolling or click away with cheetah like speed. If your logo is throwing your website off, potential clients may be clicking away quicker than you’d think.

Now that you understand why logos can hurt a dog business, does yours need an update? Send us an email at info@joshb135.sg-host.com to schedule a free consultation.

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