About Digiwoof

Meet your R+ marketing, design, and automation team

Our Mission:

Our central goal is to help more dogs and their owners receive top quality, R+ care.  We’re achieving that goal by helping R+ pet care professionals step up their game by crafting top quality websites & logos.

Josh Boutelle

Digiwoof Founder

Combining a background in graphic design with a 10+ year career owning a successful dog training business, Josh is uniquely positioned to help dog trainers and R+ pet care businesses put their best foot forward online.

With an emphasis on understanding your clientele’s feelings, thoughts, and needs, Josh’s approach is to create an experience for your potential clients that is not only educational, but designed to lead your future clients to take action.

Whether you’re starting from scratch and need help with branding, or you’re looking to fully automate your website & business, Josh & his team are ready to help you build the business of your dreams.

When Josh isn’t helping his clients or improving Clicks!, he’s cycling, snowboarding, or hiking with his wife Mandy and dog Fern, or training with his cat Fig.

Mandy Boutelle

Brand Strategist & Designer

After successfully growing her own company Woof Cultr into an industry wide, community-oriented brand, Mandy knows a thing or two about what it takes to make your R+ business succeed. As a former positive reinforcement dog trainer, she is committed to helping other brands find their voice and reach their full potential, while maintaining their ethics and commitment to helping animals.

Through her work as a brand strategist at digiwoof, Mandy continues to help businesses tap into their true identity and connect with their audience in a meaningful way. Mandy’s unique perspective and experience allows her clients to build a foundation for success that will serve their business for years to come.

When she’s not busy helping brands grow or creating new designs for Woof Cultr, Mandy enjoys hiking and exploring new trails with her dog Fern or training with her cat Fig.

Bryanna Hanson Vinge

Admin, Copywriter, and Automation Specialist

While obtaining her Master of Fine Arts in Acting, Bryanna found a love and talent for creative writing during her studies. It was once she became a first time Dog-Mom to a reactive Cattle Dog mix, that she began using her creative abilities, both written and performing, to advocate for both his safety and wellbeing. 

It was through her constant search for R+ learning opportunities that she found WoofCultr and in turn DigiWoof, where she now acts as a copywriter for R+ trainers.

In her free time, Bryanna is still pursuing her creative goals in both script writing and voice over, but can most often be found throwing balls in her backyard outside of Atlanta for her two cattle dog mix puppies, Blinkous and Ivy, or sitting around the bonfire with her husband Zach.

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