If you’re a pet care business owner not sure about updating your current website, or even making a business website, I’ll save you a bit of time – it is crucial for your business to have a website that is easily navigated on both desktop AND mobile device in 2019.


Here are our 4 reasons why it is imperative for your business to go mobile in 2019:

1.  Consumer behavior is shifting to mobile devices

In 2018, studies consistently show over half of US online traffic comes from mobile devices. As mobile device usability continues to improve, consumer behavior will continue to change and the percentage of mobile usage will increase. This means that if your business isn’t prepared for mobile traffic, you could potentially lose out on quite a few clients going forward.

 2. It takes consumers seconds to decide if they’re going to stay on a site

On average, if your website doesn’t generate interest in a matter of 15 seconds, users will leave. If your website isn’t optimized for viewing on a mobile device, you could potentially be losing at least half of your traffic.

3.  Search engines favor mobile optimized web pages

As of July 2018, Google’s algorithm favors fast-loading, mobile optimized sites. This means if you’ve been slow to optimize your site for mobile viewing, you may show up lower in search rankings than your competition.

 4. Not everyone has caught on yet

Hopefully this reason will be enough to motivate you to start planning out your mobile optimized website. We are still very much in a transition into the “digital age” and a huge number of businesses have yet to make the transition to mobile. The sooner your business embraces digital platforms, the sooner you will capitalize on leads overlooking your competition’s ancient or non-existent websites.


If you’re ready to take the leap into the digital age with a mobile optimized website, DigiWoof can help! We are passionate about helping R+ pet professionals look good, and would love to make your business shine.


Send us an email at info@joshb135.sg-host.com to schedule a free consultation.

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